• “Kelly Master is an exceptional and inspiring individual in so many ways. Kelly is the go-to person for combatting and making victims, citizens, politicians and opinion makers aware of the human trafficking epidemic happening in our communities today. Her wisdom, expertise, and knowledge about human trafficking are both special and remarkable. Kelly’s diligence and steadfast approach have helped many victims deal with human trafficking and shielding them from their offenders. I can’t say enough good things about the amazing work Kelly is doing to make our world a safer place!”

    David Spector - Director of Government Affairs
  • Kelly Master is a highly energetic, enthusiastic, passionate, and caring individual, who does great work with the Dining for Dignity organization. Kelly gave a presentation at our school about human trafficking, and those in attendance found the presentation engaging, thought-provoking, and eye-opening. Students were inspired to ask very thoughtful questions, which stimulated a great discussion. Since technology is so prevalent in the lives of today’s students, it was very important for them to hear Kelly’s comments about how social media and websites have complicated the dangers of human trafficking. I highly recommend Kelly’s presentation.

    Matthew Genna - Principal, Collingswood High School
  • Last year we had Kelly speak to nearly half of our student body on the issue of human trafficking. This is a matter that students within every community are vulnerable to fall prey. It is something that can make us, as educators, uncomfortable, but Kelly can connect with her audience in a dynamic fashion.
    As educators, it is challenging to keep up with technology and trends that are ever changing. Kelly’s passion is speaking to the hearts of young people while instructing them in how they can protect themselves through proactive
    measures with social media. She is up to date with what is happening, how students can protect themselves as well as how we, as a community, can do something to put an end to an epidemic that is taking our nation by storm.
    I strongly recommend Kelly and have full faith in her organization and the program presented to students.

    Erin Lawler, SAC - Seneca High School
  • Kelly Master is a dynamic and inspiring woman with a message that everyone needs to hear. I had the privilege of having Kelly present to my university students about the reality of human and sex trafficking. Kelly was passionate, engaging, and extremely knowledgeable; all of which encouraged us to take a stand against the oppression and injustice around us. I am so grateful for the inspiration Kelly brought to my class and myself. Her example of service and her heart for justice are contagious!

    Erin Lawler, SAC - Seneca High School
  • Kelly is incredibly passionate and informed about the issues of human trafficking and pornography. She has turned that zeal into action and is determined to make a difference!

    Joanne Eisenhart, Co-Founder, and Senior Pastor - True North Church, Mullica Hill NJ
  • I have known Kelly Master for nearly 20 years and she is committed to the cause of Christ. She is consistent, full of energy and very visionary in Christian outreach ministry. She is dependable and has great knowledge of the Word of God. I would recommend Kelly to speak in your church and share her vision of being a modern-day abolitionist of human trafficking. You will not be disappointed.

    Stephen L. Burton, Sr., Senior Pastor - House of Praise Church, Swedesboro NJ
  • Kelly’s determination to help those in the sex industry is moving many people around her to do the same. She is motivated and determined and unconditional love is her motivation. She inspires, motivates and equips many to reach into this industry and touch lives by building relationships and offering care and concern for their well-being. She is a natural leader, has great influence and is well respected in, not only, the Christian community, but also the State of New Jersey. It is my privilege to be one of those she has inspired.

    Joanne Eisenhart, Co-Founder, and Senior Pastor - True North Church, Mullica Hill NJ