Welcome to the inspiring journey of For Dignity, a passionate advocate for anti-human trafficking and exploitation since its inception in 2011. Originally known as “Dining for Dignity,” this movement took root by hosting monthly community breakfasts dedicated to raising awareness and preventing human trafficking. The impact of Dining for Dignity quickly transcended local boundaries, evolving into a powerful social media movement that garnered both local and international attention for its relentless advocacy against sexual exploitation.

Under the visionary leadership of Director Kelly Master and her dedicated team, For Dignity forged meaningful collaborations with state leaders, government officials, and fellow advocacy groups. Together, they worked tirelessly to eradicate human trafficking and educate communities about the harsh realities of exploitation.

In a pivotal moment on Mother’s Day 2012, Director Kelly Master launched “Emerge,” a transformative support group for women in the adult entertainment industry. Since its inception, Emerge has distributed over 30,000 Dignity resource bags to women working in strip clubs across Philadelphia and New Jersey. Going beyond mere outreach, Emerge has played a crucial role in supporting women struggling with addiction, facilitating their entry into detox and rehab, and providing a pathway for those seeking to escape exploitation and find refuge in safe homes.

In 2018, For Dignity expanded its reach by visiting women in prisons, empowering them to transcend their circumstances and discover hope and healing. Today, the organization focuses on aiding women in prisons, strip clubs, and recovery homes, offering transformational programs and, resources and mentorship initiatives. By providing unwavering support, For Dignity strives to break the cycles of defeat, helping women rise above adversity and build a future filled with Dignity and purpose.


2017 Commendation City of Camden NJ

Rev. Tiffany Gilmore standing in proxy for Director Kelly Master to receive a prestigious award from the City of Camden. For Dignity was recognized for its sacrificial work to educated the citizens of Camden and eradicate human trafficking and sexual exploitation.


2017 Risk-Takers Award, Given by “A Woman’s Business”

Director Kelly Master


SJ Psychological Association Community Award

Dr. Angela Clack and Kelly Master